I remember being 6 and wanting to write a song. I sat in my family's back porch, jelly shoes and bowl haircut. I had the inspiration in my hear, but had no idea where to go from there. I remember singout random words like "rainbow" and "flowers" while starting out into our our full of fruit trees my dad had so delicatley cared for. The lemon tree was my favorite. Unfortunately, my song never made it's way into the world. Until now. I believe photography is my song. With a camera in my hand, and soul in my heart, I can create that which I believe to be beautiful and real. 

I grew up listening to Vicente Fenandez and mariachi cumbias on vinyl. Carne asadas on Sundays, teatherball, and paleteros. My summers were spent in Mexico sipping on hielitos, playing in the rain, and using all peos I had earned to buy candy from the corner tiendita. 

I grew up thinking I was shy, because adults told me I was. They were wrong. I wore catholic school uniforms 12 year of my life. The sacrifice my parents made to pay those tuition checks is one I will never take for granted. I grew up in a rough part of town, and could have very easily gone the chola route. I bought my lipliners at the swapmeet, and went to church in my neighbor's ampolo. 

Lavender everything. Tequila with lime and salt. Vintage over trendy. Homemade over luxury. Splurge on what counts. 

I turned 40 this year and have never felt more confident, stretch marks, post breastfeeding boobs included. I love good conversation that goes beyond how was your day. There is nothing that will change the world more than loving my family. I adore home, being married to my man, and loving on our 2 girls.